Packing service’s

We offer a few different packing service’s

Full packing service.

This is where our team will arrive fully equipped with all the necessary equipment and materials and pack everything that you ask them to. All your belongings will be expertly packed up and ready to go when it comes to your moving day.

Fragile only packing service

This service is where a member of our team will come to your home and pack up all of your fragile items e.g. kitchen ware, pictures, ornaments, mirrors etc. You would be responsible for packing up the rest of your home before moving day.

Lastly packing assistance.

This is where a member of our team will come and help you out if you have your own packing materials and are wanting to pack yourself but are struggling with the odd delicate item e.g. clocks, expensive ornaments, mirrors. This service is charged hourly, so you are in control of how much you spend.